Delivery program

Since more than twenty years Metallsider Stahlservice GmbH exports all kinds of declassified steel products coming from German and European steel mills.

Our delivery program includes all kinds of secondary and third choice material, rerolling materials such as stripsheets, cobblesplates, slabs and billets.

In flatrolled Metallsider Stahlservice GmbH offers the whole product range of sheets, coils, slitcoils in all kind of qualities and surfaces.

Also we are able to offer recurring lots of ngo material assorted and unassorted, including ngo slitcoils, coils and sheets.

Last but not least Metallsider Stahlservice GmbH is known as trader for wirerod, pipes and tubes coming from European steel mills and traders.

If you are interested in any kind of our products, please send us your inquiry by using our contact sheet.

Main products

  • Rerolling products:
    Hot rolled Stripsheets, Cobblesplates, Slabs, Billets
  • Flatrolled products:
    Sheets, assorted, blockassorted, unassorted
    Qualities: cold rolled, hot rolled, galvanized, prepainted
  • Coils and slitcoils:
    Cold rolled rest and minicoils, hot rolled rest and minicoils, galvanized rest and minicoils, prepainted rest and minicoils
  • NGO, electrical steel
  • Pipes, Tubes, Wirerod
Delivery program